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Fri, 1-03-2024

Veteraan Motoren Club
Sinds 26-11-1955

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What is the V.M.C.?

The 'Veteraan Motoren Club' is a group of people, who own a motorcycle or motorcycle-engine or who are interested. The motorcycles concerning must be built before 1941. The VMC counts at this moment about 1200 members and donators.

The interest not only limits to the restoration of motorcycles and keep them as a 'running museum' but also documentation, folders, photos and other memorabilia.

How is the V.M.C. organised?

The VMC is a national association, devided in regions. The national board is responsible for the regular business and the region comities co-ordinate the activities for their region. They organise several region-evenings during the winter season. During these evenings video-films are shown, restoration tips are given and a lot of experience is available to all the members.

The VMC also has several mark-specialists, who support the members in finding out everything about their motorcycle.

  Runs and rallies.

The VMC's most important activity are the runs. We want the public to enjoy our 'running museum' so they can see beautiful restored pieces of craftsmanship from years gone by.
As much as 40 runs are organised every year and they attract crowds of enthusiasts.



The VMC has its own magazine, here members can put a free advert.
Members get a beautiful and professional printed magazine each month, with lots of photos, reports and technical tips.

In December every year there is a special with a theme.

Becoming member or donater.

Everyone can become donater. Donaters have the same rights as members, except the right on decision on the yearly membersmeeting. You can become a member when you own a motorcycle or at least an motorcycle engine built before 1941.


The contribution for the membership of the V.M.C. is € 40 a year. Each quarter counting down € 10.


Want to become a member or donater of the 'Veteraan Motoren Club' ? Phone, write or E-mail to the V.M.C.:VMC - www.vmcmotor.com

+31 575 463434
Bleekstraat 18, NL 7255 XZ Hengelo (Gld)
Electronic mail
Secretariaat Veteraan Motoren Club:
Dorpsstraat 59, 9699 PB Vriescheloo, Nederland
Tel.: (+31)(0)597-674150
email: info@vmcmotor.com